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Consultancy services

We create a cleaning and disinfection plan and we help you to put it into action.

Specialised training

We train you to develop detergent, disinfecting and cleaning actions.

Process control

We establish un control protocol in order to help you improve the level of hygiene on your farm.

About Proquideza

Proquideza Proquideza offers you a wide range of chemicals and services backed by scientific research, technological development and innovation, able to meet the current market needs.

As we keep close contact with our customers, we manage to be ahead to market requirements by identifying the specific needs in each particular activity. As a result of this, we are able to offer high quality products which ensure full costumer’s satisfaction.

Why choose Proquideza?

  • We offer you

    Integral solutions for your organisation, a wide range of chemical specialities and our consultancy and training services.
  • R&D Department

    Our R&D Department is formed by highly qualified specialists and laboratories adapted to quality control and chemical and microbiological research.

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